Does Going to the Grocery Store to Shop and Find Items Increase Brain Function?

Did you know that when monkeys, chimpanzees, and rats hunt for food that their brains are busy forming more connections? Do you have any idea how similar human DNA is to those species? It’s true, and I suppose other predator species are the same. It is my contention and belief that domesticated animals like dogs and cats have smaller brains and they aren’t as smart as wild animals with extremely similar DNA. In my theory it’s because we feed then so, they don’t have to hunt for food and therefore, they are not forming those extra connections. russian grocery store

Many scientific projects have been done and they’ve found that chimpanzees have memories better than humans when it comes to remembering where food is hidden, once they’ve learned where it is. This is interesting that chimpanzees can remember more, and their recall is better when it comes to food than human beings (yep, they are smarter than you!). And it would make sense that wild animals that have to hunt, and find food thus, they would have to remember the best places to get it, and they would have to reason and think to get that food.

Evolutionarily speaking this makes perfect sense, because the smartest animals of any species would be those that lived, were well fed, and passed those genes onto their off spring, everything fits perfectly as per Darwinian Theory. Therefore, when humans go to the grocery store, especially a large grocery store that has many items, they must remember were all their favorite foods are located; which Isle, which shelf, and what the package looks like.

That means that people who do their own grocery shopping, are smarter than those who are perhaps more wealthy and send out their assistants to get the food, (ouch!). Now you might say, so what? And I would say it does matter that increased human brain function and strengthening of synapses, as well as chemical formations, and memory enhancement occur in the hunting for food.

The modern day equivalent of hunting for food is going to the grocery store or even reading a menu. Do you know someone who enjoys reading menus? I know several and they are very smart. I think that’s a worthy discussion, and I think you should consider this because it doesn’t take an evolutionary neurology scientist to figure this one out.


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